September 22, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

In absence of Secretary-for-Life ( S4L )  Richard last Friday, Bishop Roy took notes for the Club.

     The 4th Friday of the 9th month found 14 Huntsville Rotary Club members and 6 Guests enjoying the noon buffet at Don’s Family Style Restaurant in Huntsville.   ” President Ken called our meeting to order at about 12:30ish sharp. He called upon Dub Hayes Pastor to return thanks.

     Our guest preacher, Jim Crooks of Jefferson Avenue United Methodist Church returned thanks to the Lord for the food and fellowship.  He even asked for rain.  Dan-O Shepherd made the Club aware that previous prayers for rain caused floods and consternation in the great valley of the Pecan.  It was duly noted.  We also gave our pledge to the flag of the United States, all standing.  Guests introduced were:  Bobby Riley, Sam Richardson and his guest Jeremiah Terrell, Pastor Jim Crooks, Daren Eleazararaz, and Phil’s guest Abdol Hussain.

     Tim Seidel asked the Club for a one time donation of $100 for winter coats for needy students at Moberly High School.  Dub made the motion and Roy 2nd it, vote was taken and passed without opposition.

     After Dan Shepherd gave the weather report, no rain, no floods, no ice storms for the foreseeable future, he introduced his guest who brought the program.

     Daren Eleazararaz, project manager with Chariton Valley Communications, gave the Club a very thorough review of the on-going fiber optic cable system.  He indicated that Chariton Valley ( CV ), is in the process of upgrading all the wired phone/internet/pbx carriers in the area.  This includes 18 different communities in the North Central Missouri region.  He informed the Club that there has been a 70%  increase in need for fast, secure tele-communications.  This is not only for businesses to carry on day to day transactions, but also includes the rapidly expanding tele-medical system being used by regional and state hospitals.                                                                       Patients do not have to travel hours over the road to a specialist, they can use their high speed phone system.  This allows their doctors and medical technicians access to realtime medical analysis, diagnosis and medical care; all from the comfort of the patients home.  With recent advances in “smart home” systems, the CV fiber system can enhance security and comfort for shareholders in the region.. The wired system also affords greater security when patrons are doing on-line banking.                                                                                                                                        Eleazararaz entertained a number of questions from the Club.  A very timely report to say the least.

The following Huntsville Rotarians answered the call to fellowship, food, and fun:   Phil Brown, Mike Cochran, Darrel Hansen, Dub Hayes, Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales, Mark Nichols, Ken Rathmann, Merl Riley, Mark Samp, Tim Seidel, Dan Shepherd, and John Sommer.”