• Group Study Exchange to Brazil

    From: Allen Garner
    To: jrt49@mcmsys.com
    Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2012 4:59 PM
    Subject: Group Study Exchange to Brazil (District 4660)

    Dear Richard Tregnago,

    It is time to be thinking about the next Group Study Exchange to Brazil. The tentative dates for the trip are April 12, 2013 through May 12, 2013 for the visiting team from District 4660 to be in Missouri and May 11, 2013 through June 11, 2013 for the team from District 6040 to be in Brazil. How can you help make this a great experience and help all the participants, including both Districts? Promote the program, solicit team leader candidates, solcit team participants, help host the visiting District 4660 team, and help prepare the outgoing District 6040 team. The following deadlines have been set for applications to participate as team leader and as a member of the outgoing team:

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2012 Deadline for GSE Team Leader Applications

    OCTOBER 15, 2012 Deadline for GSE Team Member Applications

    Applications for each can be found on the District 6040 website http://www.rotary6040.org/

    If you have any questions or a potential candidate with questions please have them contact me at allen@allengarnerlaw.com or 816.478.3848.

    Thanks for your help in this matter.

    Allen Garner
    District 6040


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