October 13, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

 ( Bishop Roy kindly contributed the following report )

     President Ken opened our meeting with a tap of the bell and a prayer.  We then gave our pledge to the flag of the United States.  No new business and only one OLD business was recognized  ( Harry), we moved on to the weather report.

     A fair to partly cloudy weather report was offered.  Dan-O Shepherd indicated that the weather would be fine for the rest of Friday and part of Saturday.  Then due to a rather strong cold front coming in from Canada, we would have a dramatic drop in temperature Saturday night and Sunday.  This will also be accompanying some possible strong thunderstorms, hail, lightning, and even a stray tornado.  After all that “sturm and drang” the weather will calm down to more Fall like conditions.  Warm days and cool nights.

     John Sommer brought the program.  He spoke about the big change in his life as he opened a new chapter in a momentous career change.  John is going to be a full time missionary to the people of Haiti descent who currently live in the border region of the Dominican Republic.  Sommer indicated that there was a great need among these displaced people.  Primary being food and shelter.  Then education of the children and overall spiritual needs.  He and his wife Velvet are working through “Missions Beyond” organization, an affiliate of the Church of God based in Springfield Missouri.  Missions Beyond was organized about 10 years ago as a non-denominational outreach to disenfranchised peoples of Latin America.  They had several missions in Venezuela, but are currently not serving that area due to the economic and social upheaval brought on by the socialist government in Caracas.

     Conversational English is taught to the children to help them be more economically independent.  With a working knowledge of English these young Haitians are able to find work in the tourist industry and transportation trade, especially at sea ports and airports in their native Haiti.  The ultimate goal of Missions Beyond is helping these people now and in the hereafter.  Physical and Spiritual needs are met through various outreach programs, schools being the primary means.  John plans to be on the mission field no later than January of this coming year.  He then answered some questions from the Club.  We will miss John in our club, but wish him God’s speed in his new venture.

Our wise man of good words, Dub Hayes, left us with a word to the wise.  Then President Ken rang us out of session.

The following Rotarians answered the call of the chow bell:   Phil Brown, John Cochran, Jerry Crutchfield, Harry Hall, Dub Hayes, Clay Joiner, Roy Morales-Kuhn, Ken Rathmann, Merl Riley, Tim Seidel, Dan Shepherd, and John Sommer.