November 3, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes


Notes today were drafted by Bishop Roy while Secretary-for-Life ( S-4-L ) Richard was out quail hunting.


     The first meeting of the eleventh month of 2017 began when President Ken rang the bell at 12:31 p.m. today.  Bishop Roy prayed for our nation, our food, and our fellowship.  President Ken noted we had no visitors other than our program guest.

     Dub Hayes noted that he was being recognized this coming month in Omaha for 60 year membership in the Shriners.  Ken reported on the District Meeting and banquet held in Kansas City recently.  Huntsville Club was recognized as a Five Star Club and also the number 1 Club in the District as pertaining to per capita giving and Foundation contributions.

     Dan-O the weatherman said that the weather was going to be seasonable, some possibilities for precipitation, with a few days of below normal temperatures.

     The President then introduced Mike Cochran, who had the program.  Mike introduced Diana Taylor, the new Director of the Randolph County Health Department.  RCHD offices have recently been relocated to a brand new building on east 24 Highway just past Pizza Hut.  Diana gave a brief biographic sketch of herself, including her post high school education, including MACC and MU.  She became associated with RCHD some 22 years ago starting out as a WIC coordinator.  She has filled a number of different positions within the department over the last two decades.  She was named interim director this summer when the last director resigned.  The RCHD board named her to take over the department as full-time director.

     Diana said the primary function of the health department is to “… promote, prevent, and protect public health…”  She said that this mission includes at least 6 district sub departments within the overall health department.  This includes environment service, food handler classes, restaurant health checks, water source safety.  Women Infant & Children ( WIC ) serves the needs of this district group especially with good nutrition, prenatal care, and overall health of this group.  Community health includes CPR classes, general first aid classes, and overall general health.  Health service clinics include basic health screening, flu shots, patient education.  Healthy families included good nutrition for homes, safe food preparations, and general overall family health.  Home health and management includes helping the elderly to be able to stay in their homes for a longer time, avoiding nursing home care if at all possible.  This also includes the disabled and mentally challenged community too.

     A lively question and answer period followed Ms. Taylor’s presentation.  Closing remarks were made by Dub Hayes.  The meeting was adjourned by the ringing of the bell by President Ken.. Jerry Crutchfield is on the calendar for next Friday’s program.

The following Huntsville Rotarians answered the call to fellowship:  Phil Brown, John Cochran, Mike Cochran, Jerry Crutchfield, Dub Hayes,  Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales-Kuhn, Mark Nichols, Ken Rathmann, Merl Riley, Tim Seidel, Dan Shepherd, and John Sommer.