May 2, 2018 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

     ( The following notes are from reliable stand-in Secretary, Roy )

     The first May meeting of the Huntsville Rotary began when Past-President Roy Morales-Kuhn rang us into session.  Roy led in our opening prayer and pledge to the flag.  With some new business dispensed with, including the actual location of the park benches the Club purchased for Huntsville City Park, we continued with the meeting.  There were no special guests, although the room was full of many special young people. 

After finding our old business seated and enjoying our fun, food, and fellowship, Dan-O the weather guy gave us a semi-scary weather report.  There will be some heavy weather coming in the next couple of days, this due to the increase of ambient temperatures and tons of Gulf moisture invading the hinterlands of Central United States.  This weather will include the usual suspects of rain, strong winds, hail, and possible small short duration tornadoes.  The comment was made that maybe Harry Hall had a more pleasant outlook on the next week’s weather.  Dan also mentioned that our annual fish fry and gathering at the Lodge of the Two Shepherds will be on May 31 st.  Thanks to Jan and other able bodied anglers, there will be plenty of fish.  Dan requested that members bring a covered dish ( with food in it ) to the Lodge that Thursday.

     Our program was the annual Interact Banquet and recognition meeting.  Clay opened the program with the reciting of the 4Way Test questions.  Roy introduced Ashley Roberts, our sponsor at Westran for Interact.  She blessed us with her latest addition, Daphne Roberts, who is now five weeks old.  Daphne was the best guest, she was a very nice baby, didn’t cry when she heard the cheesy jokes and silly antics of the Club, and calmly ate her yummy formula offered by her mother.  There were 18 Interact members, including at least four graduating seniors.   We also recognized two “Star” students, who joined us too.  “Star” students were formally called “Students of the Month”.  The Club recognizes two students each month during school session, they are chosen by the faculty and staff at Westran.

     Ashley outlined some of the activities Interact had been involved in the past year.  She called upon several students to detail what they personally did as members of Interact.  This included preparing frozen meals for Ronald McDonald House in Columbia, knitting caps for the neo-natal wards of several Columbia hospitals, and being involved in the Red Kettle Campaign for the Salvation Army.

     Clay Joiner then took over the program with the fun part of the activities.  He handed out Interact pins, patches, and various other items, including the well crafted flying disc., with the Interact logo printed upon it.  Clay also included a pin of recognition for our school sponsor, Mrs. Roberts.  Prior to the gathering, Clay assembled a goody bag for each Interact member.  These bags contained various items including “fidgets”, paddle balls, puzzles, and a number of other objects designed to drive the classroom teachers crazy(er).  Clay also handed out a couple of t-shirts, each being awarded to a student for answering a question pertaining to Rotary or Interact.  The Club would like to thank Clay for taking the time to assemble these individual bags, something very simple and yet the students seemed to enjoy them.  Thanks again brother Clay.  The two RYLA participants for the summer academy were also recognized, they are both looking forward to their time at William Woods campus for this annual event.

Huntsville Rotarians answering the call of the bell were:  Phil Brown, Jerry Crutchfield, Chris Dady, Dennis Gard, Harry Hall, Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales-Kuhn, Mark Nichols, Merl Riley, Mark Samp, Tim Seidel, Charlie Serio, and Dan Shepherd.