March 10, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

Disclaimer….. the following message was provided by Bishop Morales….

Huntsville Rotary met at the regular Friday venue, Don’s Family Buffet located on the outskirts of the big city of Huntsville. Our numbers were a wee bit sparse for such a fine day, possible reasons for our slim numbers were proffered.   1. Fear of the winter storm and snowmageddon that was predicted for this weekend.    2. It was such a nice day for golf, tennis, tiddlywink, or whatever sport of choice. Or the best explanation, according to Dub, our Man of Many Experiences: ” … the folks might possibly have been twitterpated*, beings it is almost Spring and all…”

President Tim called our motley crew to order, Bishop Roy returned thanks to our Lord, the pledge was recited, and our formal meeting got underway.  With no real news or new business to discuss, President Tim asked Dan the Weather Man for a reasonably nice forecast.  No such luck, with Winter making its return to Mid Missouri, Mr. Dan cautioned us about possible amounts of snow in the next 24 hours.  He did say that we would not have to cancel Rotary since it would be on a Saturday, not Friday. Tim then asked Sheriff Mark to bring the scheduled program.   The good sheriff  discussed the changes in the law concerning conceal and carry.  ” Permit-less Carry or Constitutional Carry” as passed by the legislators in Jefferson City, have caused some unforeseen complications for the average law abiding citizen.  Mark pointed out that a number of cities and political entities in the state have ordinances and regulations that may not allow permit-less carry in that jurisdiction.  Citizens who wish to carry a pistol legally must be aware of local ordinances so as to avoid any possible causes of breaking the law.  This could be considered a class E felony.  Nichols said that citizens should be fully aware of all local laws and ordinances.  He further cautioned individuals who are traveling outside of the state.  He said that if a person has any questions or concerns about traveling with a fire arm that they should consult the following website before traveling outside of Missouri.  or After the program Sheriff Nichols answered some very interesting questions.

Clay gave the Last Word.  President Tim rang us out of session.  We eagerly look forward to another exciting Huntsville Rotary meeting, next week, at Don’s Family Buffet.

The following Rotarians answered the call this second Friday in the third month of 2017;  Mike Cochran, Charles Fleming, Dub Hayes, Russ John, Clay Joiner, Roy Morales, Mark Nichols, Ken Rathmann, Mark Samp, Tim Seidel, Kelly Shelby, & Dan Shepherd.

* twitterpated  [verb], to be in love because the birds and the bees are too.  Ref. {Bambi, the Movie}