July 6, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

Due to Don’s Family Style Restaurant closed for a week’s vacation, the Huntsville Rotary Club met jointly with Moberly today at their normal meeting time.  Eight members of our Club enjoyed the serving from Chef Jeff along with the comradery of the Moberly Club.

Moberly President, Todd Norton, welcomed us to their meeting and after brief introductions, and special weather report from our Dan, the program was presented.  Tom Watkins, retired plant manager from Associated Electric, showed samples of photography of his journeys around the world.  Tom explained the difference of “snapshots” vs “portrait art” and discussed several pictures and related aperture settings to achieve the desired result.  In 2018, he will trek to Mount Everest, with subscribers following by email and  contributing to a relief fund for children who survived the 2015 earthquake at Everest.  In visiting with our Dan after the meeting, we recalled that Doctor Gaynor Prince, one of our early Exchange Students, was at Everest when the 2015 earthquake hit and she immediately went into emergency medical aid for approximately one month.

Next Week we return to Don’s for our regular Friday meeting, July 14th, with Gerald Link slated for a program.

Our Members present today:  Phil Brown, Jerry Crutchfield, Gerald Link, Mark Nichols, Merl Riley, Dan Shepherd, Richard Tregnago, & Wayne Wilcox.