July 21, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

     There were 13 Club members and 1 guest present when President Ken rang the bell at 12:30 pm and called our meeting to order.  John Sommer returned our Thanks to our lord in prayer, then we gave our pledge of allegiance to the flag.  No new or old business was presented so Dan was asked to give the next week’s weather update.  HOT is the four letter word with little relief this weekend, however, temps may drop 10° next week. Possible showers may occur, but probably very spotty.  Sunflowers in full bloom and just about all the spots sold for September 1.  Dan reminded the Club of the $500 Paul Harris Fellowship availability, normally twice that price.  Rotary International Foundation uses the contributions for about three years then will rebate it back to the District for local use, grants and scholarships.

     Scott was unavailable today, but sent Jamie Shirk to give us a presentation on the YMCA.  Jamie introduced us to the beginning of the Y over in England in the 1830′s.  Boston then hosted the first YMCA in the United States around 1846,  Moberly built their Y about 13 years ago and has approximately 3,600 members. Usage of the facility is somewhat seasonal, with lower participation in the hotter months and larger attendance in the cooler, or wintry months.  Some insurance companies and businesses promote the healthy lifestyle through exercise and may offer some discounts as encouragement.  It has only been about the past 40 years that emphasis was directed toward exercise.  This generated a growth in membership all across the USA.  While most Y’s are run locally, many have agreements that permit visiting members some limited access. So a travelling member may be able to keep up their exercise program if they happen to be in a different city for a short time.

   Ken asked for the Last Word, then we were adjourned.

Members present today:  Phil Brown, ( Jerry Crutchfield attended after the meal ) Harry Hall, Dub Hayes, Russ John, Gerald Link, Roy Morales, Ken Rathmann, Merly Riley, Mark Samp, Tim Seidel, Dan Shepherd, John Sommer, & Richard Tregnago.