July 14, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

There were 19 Club members and 2 guests today at Don’s Family Style Restaurant.  At 12:30 pm  New President Ken rang the bell and asked Mike Cochran to give our prayer of Thanks to our Lord, followed by our recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.  Guests introduced were Gerald’s granddaughters, Anna Kate and Alaina Link, with Anna Kate being the lead program today.  Grandma Martha was present for the program.

President Ken asked Dan for our weekly update on the weather.  Nice for a few days then possible higher temps and heat indexes above 100° with little precip likely.  Sunflowers about to bloom, and almost all the dove hunting spots are paid for.  Dan has some sweet corn ready if you want to stop by Shepherd Farms later today or tomorrow.  He may have a 2nd batch in a couple of weeks. Also, the Foundation has some matching points if you wish to become a Paul Harris Fellow, or, acquire a PHF for someone in your family. Richard noted that 8 Club members attended a joint Moberly/Huntsville Rotary last Thursday due to our location closed for vacation all last week.  Our Club will again have a Pancake Breakfast at the Old Settlers’ and will return to the Community Room at City Hall.  Dates were discussed this year  and our Club will serve on Saturday morning, September 16th, and Roy was alerted last fall that the Community Room would be available for us on the Saturday of Old Settlers.

President Ken then asked Gerald to introduce his program.  Granddaughters always have interesting topics.  Lead orator was Anna Kate, a  Junior at Moberly High School.  Her topic involved  a slide presentation about her experience with  Showpig.com, and the All Stars Team.  The students were involved in carcass determination of fat by ultrasound, then a dissection of the carcass followed.   This event built team support and widened the knowledge of these High School members.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, President Ken asked Clay for the Last Word. and then rang the bell for adjournment.  Next week is Scott’s turn at the podium.

Members in attendance today:   Phil Brown, Mike Cochran, Jerry Crutchfield, Kyle Dignan, Charles Fleming, Harry Hall, Dub Hayes, Russ John, Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales, Mark Nichols, Ken Rathmann, Merl Riley, Mark Samp, Charlie Serio, Dan Shepherd, Richard Tregnago, & Wayne Wilcox.