Huntsville Rotary Weekly Meeting 30 June 2017

The final meeting of the month of June was opened by outgoing president Tim Seidel. He asked Brother Ken to open in our meeting in prayer. After the pledge of allegiance to the flag, the meeting moved along rather swiftly.  A plaque was presented to retiring Huntsville club president Tim Seidel by incoming president Ken Rathmann, also present was next year’s president elect, Jerry Crutchfield.  A round of applause, a few high notes of Seidel’s presidency were noted, especially the historic cancellation of a meeting from the Ice-magetton Storm of the Century, that never came to Randolph County.

Speaking of weather, Dan the Man Weatherguy and all around Pecan Valley rancher, brought the weather forecast. It will be mostly warmer, more summer like for the next couple of days, no 10 inch rainfalls are expected, Noah has not been notified, and no Arks have been built.

The program, focusing on men’s health and related issues, was brought by Dr. Josh Holyoak, M.D. of MRMC.  Dr. Josh, a urologist, related to the club, some of the great advancements that are being developed, especially concerning enlarged prostate issues.  Holyoak commented that certain parts of the body never stop growing, this includes the ears, the nose and the prostate. The latter can cause issues with incomplete evacuation of the bladder.  Ure-lift, is a new simple device that has been introduced to the United States about five years ago.  A simple five to ten minute procedure, on an outpatient basis, can completely reverse the bladder issue.  The doctor explained that for a mechanical issue there was a mechanical solution.  A video presentation was given that showed the how the procedure was done.  There are usually very little side effects and a few days recovery after said procedure.    Dr. Holyoak then answered a number of very good questions.

The following Rotarians answer the clarion call of the feed bell at Don’s Family Buffet, located in the beautiful suburbs of Huntsville, MO.   John Cochran, Mike Cochran, Jerry Crutchfield, Charles Fleming, Dub Hayes, Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales, Ken Rathmann, Merl Riley, Tim Seidel, Dan Shepherd, Kyle Dignan.  We also had three guests, future Rotarian Jeremiah Drewery, Merl & Sandra Riley’s grandson, Dr. Josh Holyoak, and Jamie Morgans, of Moberly Rotary.

Remember: the Huntsville Club will be joining Moberly Rotary next Thursday the 6th of July for a joint meeting.  Don’s will be closed for summer break.  We will resume our regular meetings at Don’s on the 13th of July, with our new president Ken Rathmann at the helm.

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July celebration.   God bless America.


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

~ C.S.Lewis