February 2, 2018 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

        On Groundhog Day, 11 Huntsville Rotarians and 1 Guest attended the noon meeting at Don’s Family Style Restaurant in Huntsville.   President-Elect Jerry filled in for Ken and asked Bishop Roy to return our thanks in prayer to our Lord, followed by our reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.  No Old or New Business was noted, however, our Treasurer-for-Life, Mark, mentioned that dues are now due.  Our weatherman is over yonder checking out the World Climate.

    Leader Jerry then asked program chair for today, Mark Nichols, to introduce his Guest Speaker.  Mark introduced Ben Gutz ( say goots ) and his topic was Leadership.   Ben is an Illinois native son who was selected to attend West Point in 2009 and successfully completed his four years and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant.  Lt. Gutz noted that approximately 65% of enrollees fail to complete the term and graduate.  His class of 4,000 Cadets ended with 1,300 being commissioned.   Ben served five more years in the Army for a total of nine years Active Duty.  Several times in his presentation, Ben commented on the different styles of leadership.  He served in Iraq and worked with his team and with dogs to locate HME’s, which are home made explosive devices.   One of his leadership statements was:  ” when his men succeed, he succeeds”,  also, he stated to know your boss and how to meet his needs to be successful.  Ben is now job hunting in civilian life and we wish him well.

      Without a Last Word, Jerry adjourned the meeting.  It will be Ken’s turn at the podium next Friday.

Members present today:  Phil Brown, Jerry Crutchfield, Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales, Mark Nichols, Merl Riley, Mark Samp, Tim Seidel, Kelley Shelby, & Richard Tregnago.