August 25, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

     The following is offered by temporary Secretary, Roy:  Huntsville Rotary Club met this fine Friday at Don’s Family Restaurant and Buffet located on scenic Route JJ just east of downtown Huntsville.

    President Ken asked John Sommer to open our meeting in prayer, we gave our pledge to the flag of the United States of America, then regular communications began.

     With no new business to attend to, President Ken asked Weatherman Dan to give us the good news for the next week.  Dan said that we’d have very nice temperatures with a few chances of rain in the near future, mostly spotty showers.  There was no fear of cancelling our Rotary meeting due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey, much to the relief of some past officers and gentlemen.  Dan also indicated that the sunflowers have been mowed and are awaiting the feeding doves.  He also wanted to remind all that covered dishes are needed to fill out the fine fare for the Annual Dove Hunt dinner next Friday.  This event is our biggest fund-raiser for the Foundation and our Scholarship program.

     Mark Samp, Huntsville Rotary Treasurer and all around good guy, brought the program.  Mark gave us plenty of good news of a fiduciary nature.  He indicated that our funds are now in the black, our bills are paid, our members well fed, some more than others, and all is well in the realm of Huntsville Rotary Club finances.  With the good news the Club entertained a possible motion to make Mark Treasurer-for-Life, this is pending on a vote when Mark is absent from a meeting.  But in all seriousness, the Huntsville Rotary commended Mark on the great job he is doing with restoring our Club to financial stability.  Now if we can work on the stability of some of our members, that would be a total victory.  But that may take many moons.

     Speaking of moons, the Club filed an informal complaint about a certain agent and his eclipse glasses that may have caused Randolph County from not seeing the rare total eclipse of the sun.  Mention was made about it being cancelled due to fears of the world ending, we have not been able to verify that fact.  The above mentioned agent said that he’d happily refund anyone on the glasses, but they could use them for the next total eclipse coming to Missouri in seven years, albeit in the south of the state.

     Wayne Wilcox reminded the Club that there will be a special recognition for Club member Richard Tregnago next Thursday the 31st at the Justice Center.  Tregnago will be recognized for 32 years of outstanding service to Randolph County as our assessor.  Huntsville Rotary would also like to thank Richard for his service.  Next Thursday has been designated Richard Tregnago Day in Randolph County.  Congratulations on your retirement, Richard.  Don’t forget, you’ll always have a job as Secretary for Life at the Huntsville Rotary.

     After the final word by Clay, President Ken rang us out of session.  On a side note, since the commemorative pens are so expensive, Dub gave Mark Samp a fine pen with the Hayes Pest Control logo on it.  Mark was thrilled to receive such a great gift.

The following Rotarians answered the call for “fun, food, and fellowship” at Don’s this Friday:  Phil Brown, John Cochran, Mike Cochran, Jerry Crutchfield, Chris Dady, Charles Fleming, Harry Hall, Dub Hayes, Russ John, Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales, Mark Nichols, Ken Rathmann, Merl Riley, Mark Samp, Tim Seidel, Charlie Serio, Dan Shepherd, John Sommer, & Wayne Wilcox.