August 11, 2017 Huntsville Rotary Club Minutes

There were 16 Members of the Huntsville Rotary Club and 4 Guests present at the noon meeting today held at Don’s Family Style Restaurant in Huntsville.  After Bishop Roy gave us a prayer of thanks to our Lord, we pledged our allegiance to the Flag.  In absence of our President Ken, Sheriff Mark called the meeting to order and introduced all guests, including his, Clayton Ancell, son of Shirley Olney, also our Guest Speaker Chris Brown, and two Moberly Rotarians, Sam Richardson and Bill Stuart.

Next, Dan the weatherman gave us a typical mid August briefing on cooler temps followed by a return to warmer weather with little opportunity for moisture.  Should be great conditions for the State Fair. Dan also brought along a sample of the sunflowers growing on his 4 acre allotment that will hopefully provide an attraction for the game birds on September 1.   The Helipad project at the Courthouse is nearing completion, mainly awaiting paint & electrical service.

     Our program today, brought by Mark Nichols, was Chris Brown, Director of the Drug Task Force in this region.  Chris has been on the force since its’ inception in 1998 and is seeing a constant shift in the products being peddled.  Narcotics seem to go in trends, with St. Louis leading the direction before the purveyors spread the wares to the rural areas.  The Meth epidemic appears to be on the way down by over 90%, but, the heroin market is showing increase.  Chris and fellow teammates go under cover with drug buys to try to catch the Big Ones.  It appears that the opioid business is also coming of age, with the potential of Federal funding and recognition of the problem. Generally speaking, persons go doctor shopping in different towns and different pharmacies to buy legal pain killers, then sell the unused surplus on the black market.   Recent attempts in the Legislature to have tracking of prescription drugs have not been successful, perhaps being stalled by lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies.

     Our temporary Leader for today then asked Clay for the Last Word before adjournment.  Next week is Merl Riley’s turn at the podium.

Members present today:  Phil Brown, John Cochran, Jerry Crutchfield, Charles Fleming, Dub Hayes, Russ John, Clay Joiner, Gerald Link, Roy Morales, Mark Nichols, Merl Riley, Mark Samp, Tim Seidel, Charlie Serio, Dan Shepherd, Richard Tregnago, & Wayne Wilcox.